The Cattleman's Choice

for Performance, Conformation and Disposition.

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East Texas Brangus Cattle

Wilson & Wilson Ranch - East TExas Brangus CattleEAST TEXAS BRANGUS CATTLE

Wilson and Wilson Brangus raises registered Brangus Cattle and is located in the heart of East Texas.

Wilson & Wilson Brangus entered the registered Brangus Cattle Business in East Texas in 1991 to be:

“The Cattleman’s choice for Performance, Conformation and Disposition”.

Over the years this has not only been our slogan but our mission statement.

We appreciate your interest and invite you to continue to tour our site to further understand our background and philosophy in raising Brangus Cattle in East Texas.

Please call and/or come by to see our cattle and further discuss how we may assist you with your Brangus needs.

The Wilson family has been in the ranching business since 1851, as evident by the certified state land heritage certificate. Purchasing his first cow at 13 years of age, Scotty and Bitsy have been lifelong ranching partners since 1961. While raising four children, Sally, Melinda, Hays and Ross; they have been full time cattle ranchers and operated a successful Holstein dairy operation for 27 years. Joined in 1991 by Ross and Shelly, the four founded Wilson & Wilson Brangus, raising Brangus Cattle  in East Texas, by purchasing their first forty registered Brangus cows and one herd sire.

Texas Brangus CattleThe recent addition of W&WB Fevor 2-7/U1, Mr. JLS Falcon 915T18, JG Mr. Black Stealth 5114 and Mr. JLS Revenue 748W2 have proven to be successful with their progeny being well received by our customers. We are extremely excited to introduce our latest Jr. Herd Sire additions: SF Lambert 75Y8, WAT Magnum 99Y45 and most of all RCC Patriot 1252Y….the 2013 Show Bull of the Year.


The Cattleman's choice for Performance, Conformation and Disposition.